comprar tinto pesquera 2017


Its beautiful intense, brilliant, flattering burgundy red and its attractive movement on cup are the first impression of this new wine, born and raised in Finca San Martín.

This wine has been exclusively elaborated with tempranillo grapes from Ribera del Duero and it was born in a clay and limestone terroir. Its complex nose is marked by balanced yet complex notes (fruity, spiced and mineral, veiled in a noble new American oak wood). In mouth, it proves tasty and meaty, also in its aftertaste. Its touch is a polish, ample and meaty tannic expression. It is balanced, with juicy, yet firm tannins. On palate, it is ample and meaty, yet easy and seductive with a long proud finish.

Wine ready to drink which can be preserved until its noble components are completely developed.

Wine of a large gastronomic range, a great pair for meats, roasts, and Castilian legumes.

María Isabel Mijares y García-Pelayo
Chemist, winemaker, and wine writer.
Academia de Número de la Real Academia de Gastronomía.

  • Year of planting: 2009
  • Variety: tempranillo
  • Cask: American oak
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  • Clay, calcareous soil with limestone.
  • Late grape ripening due to the spring frost. Harvesting started around October 10th.
  • The harvest was short from 2 to 3000 kg/ha.
  • Grape was collected with a good concentration of polyphenols, grade, significant color, and good acidity.
  • In San Martín, weather was balanced, a little water scarce, yet the vines did not suffer because of the small amount of grapes growing.
Tinto Pesquera Original
recalls Pesquera´s origins, a great wine with soul
Alejandro Fernández, whose revolution in winemaking still remains nowadays, both in and outside the Ribera del Duero